The Most Expensive Fabric Buttons Ever

For Christmas 2010, I went to Morocco for a week. For Saint Stephen’s Day, we went through the markets and Souk in Marrakesh. My eyes caught sight of lovely buttons and I though they’d be a reasonable souvenir. Not too pricey and easy to bring back. Sadly, I was wrong about the former. They buttons ended up cost about €2 each. Of course, the expense was [almost] worth it for the laughter my husband enjoyed when he realized my blunder. I’m usually very careful with money, fiscal numbers, and currency conversions, so it was about time I made a mistake. But they’re really lovely.


I have a thing for adorable buttons. They’re nice souvenirs and mementos, but also practical. Here are some other favourites.

Slightly more reasonable in Paris last summer, I adopted these farm animals for €6.
Cute #buttons are a souvenir from this #Paris visit.

New #buttons from #Cork Button Company. All destined for handknit baby cardigans.

Buttons, yarn and knitting

Buttons steak yarn


Buttons for rosebud cardigan

Shanked #buttons @cathyqtpi

Wood Fish in Fabric Ocean

Beautiful Button

Here is my button box, in which they’re organised by type.

Closeup of my #button box

LB helps me choose quite a few of them.

A visit to #Cork #button company is always a treat.


Do you have a thing for buttons too?

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