Christmas Craft Workshop: Handmade Gift Ideas

I am making nearly all of my gifts this year and isn’t as crazy as you may imagine. Hence the Christmas Craft Workshop posts you see here. You could knit, sew, paint, or carve your loved ones something special, often at a fraction of the cost. For me, I chose to knit things for the ladies and child, give food to the men, and create something completely original for my husband. Sorry, details will have to wait until after the gifts are opened on Christmas morning! But you can do handmade too and it doesn’t have to be exactly like something out of Martha Stewart’s living room. Here are links to a few quick and simple projects you can take on and finish in a day or two – possibly even a couple hours!

Quick Handknit Projects are better if you already know how to knit. Chunky wool, big needles, not too many stitches wide, it’ll be done in no time.

Handmade Snow Globe is fun and great for kids to make with mom or dad as a gift. I made one years ago with clean baby food jar and a plastic prize from my cereal.

Sew, Mama, Sew! has lovely ideas for sewing up a bit of holiday cheer in a handmade gift. If you have a sewing machine or are quick with a needle and thread, this could be easier than decorating your tree.

Better Homes and Gardens offers a list of handmade Christmas gifts and gifts in general. Even if you don’t make one of these as a gift, might be a fun Christmas activity for the family when school and work aren’t taking you away from one another.

Just Deanna lists simple but brilliant homemade edible gifts. Tasty treat plus thoughtful wrapping and you have a gift that may end up being the most memorable of the year. In my college days, I gave jars of hot chocolate mix and it was insanely easy to make and everyone loved it.

No matter what you give, so long as it comes from the heart and shows you thought of the recipient in this season of giving, it will be PERFECT!

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