My Miller & June Baby Blanket Knitting Pattern is Still Free After Seven Years

It is seven years since the world was graced with the presence of a new little boy named Miller. He was the inspiration for a design I created that I now call the Miller & June Baby Blanket. The Miller & June’s Baby Blanket Design is Seven Years Old! Time really flies. This was one of my first “designs” and nearly just a recipe, but one of my favorites to-date for a simple mindless knit that packs color, versatility, and comfort. Did I mention it is also a great stash buster?! And my Miller & June Baby Blanket knitting pattern is still FREE after seven years…for personal use!

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I cast on 84 stitches, working with doubled up yarn – Regia sock wool and three different acrylic yarns – and knit entirely in garter stitch. For five weeks, I knitted away with various colorful yarns to create Miller’s baby blanket. In under the sea shades, this blanket was acrylic yarn paired with a superwash wool sock yarn in blue, green, and brown hues. These were the main two colors, not including the brown and pale blue I added at each end.

Blues for Baby

I added stripes at two sides – pale blue with brown for one end and green at the other end. The effect was a funky retro look in earthy-oceany colors.



The blanket was made with the doubled up yarn approach I favor. Miller’s blanket feels lightweight because the gauge is a little looser so it breathes better and the garter stitch gives it a subtle squishy feel.


Of course, the vibrant color scheme certainly helps too! Of course, I later made one in creamy yellow and teal shades for his sister June.

Hand knit baby blanket for a very special arrival in Kentucky. Read more on

Hand knit baby blanket for a very special arrival in Kentucky. Read more on

Hand knit baby blanket for a very special arrival in Kentucky. Read more on

And here is a reminder that even the prettiest results start somewhere and eventually have a lot of tedious ends to weave in.



One last look at the blanket I made for June, modeled by my son LB



  1. Bonny says:

    What beautiful gifts! The blanket is so yummy in all those great colours. It will surely be well-loved and well-used.
    The crocheted baby sey reminds me of several similar gifts I’ve made for baby showers over the years. I don’t crochet much any more bcause I prefer knitting now, but there was a time when the opposite was true. Super nice gifts 🙂

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