The Constant Knitter LYS in Dublin

Today, we’re visiting a local yarn shop in Dublin, The Constant Knitter, and meeting its proprietor Rosemary. So, pour a cup of tea and get comfortable as we learn about the woolly wonderfulness of The Constant Knitter.

Your name and role?
Rosemary Murphy, proprietor

Name of store?
The Constant Knitter  (incorporates The Sewing Room, owned by Theresa Czerniak)
Family-owned, partnership company, or corporation?  
Solely owned by me
Store opened/founded/started?
Late December 2011
Store location(s)?
88 Francis Street, Dublin 8
Store phone number(s)?
353 1 515 2879  /  087 996 7197
Do you sell online? Website?
Does your store host any classes or groups? If so, details please. yes, loads:
  •      S&B on monday evenings (except bank holidays) from 5 – 8pm
  •      Sewing classes with Theresa Czerniak of The Sewing Room – Wed mornings and evenings and some Saturdays
  •      Felting classes – Fri mornings with the fabulous Niki Collier of Niki Collier Design
  •      Kntting and crochet classes – Thursday evenings
  •      Workshops : 
  •      Olga Krivenko Sat 23rd June – day workshop in Irish Crochet lace
  •      Colour workshop Sat July 7th and 28th (both half day)
  •      Maire Treanor Sat 29th Sept – day workshop in Irish Crochet lace 
  •      Embroidery workshop – date to be set
  •      Hope to add lots of sewing workshops soon and also knitting machine classes 

What yarn/fabric brands do you carry in your store?
Studio Donegal, Artesano, King Cole, Lang, Schoppel Wolle, Manos del Uruguay, Drops, Sirdar and more.

What range of crochet hooks, knitting needles and sewing supplies do you sell?
Drops knitting and crochet, plus a few more.  Some Brittany. Inspinknity lace blocking wires, lots of different notions, lots of spinning and felting fibres and silks just added – not on website yet.

What are shipping costs within Ireland?
Shipping varies from about €3.50 to max €10.  We try to keep it as near cost as possible

Of all the fibre arts supplies you carry, what would you recommend most to a beginner?
A ball of DK yarn and 4mm knitting needles!  Or put them in touch with Niki for some felting – they will have a garment after about 2 hours

What do you love about being in the fabulous fibre business?
I love lots of things about being in this business.  

I think lots of yarnshop owners will tell you that their customers are very nice and interesting people.  It is very very sociable.  Friends calling in all day long and a pot of tea always on the go.

You literally never know who is going to fetch up in the shop every day – it acts as a magnet to lots of creative people – (NCAD is just around the corner and Francis Street is the heart of the antiques and art world in Dublin.  Plus, the largest Oxfam Home shop in Ireland is 2 doors down!).  An established artist was passing on Saturday and saw our felted birds nests in the window, came in and organised a felting workshop for himself and his friends for the next day).  I love having all this beautiful yarn around me all day long. 

Finally, I am surrounded by the most beautiful yarns and fabrics –  what more could a girl ask for?

Do you knit, crochet, sew, or enjoy other fibre/needle crafts?

I knit, knit, knit
What yarn, fabric, or pattern do you yourself want to create with? 
I really love the finer softer yarns, like alpaca, silks and cashmere on finer needles! 

What is the last thing you made?
Nic ‘s Miss Potters.  However, Theresa and I are working on Sally Melville’s tunic at the moment.  I’m doing the knitting part and Theresa will be adding the fabric tunic but she has to wait till the knitting is done…..

What is your favorite thing to make as a Christmas gift and why?
Serious bang for buck for me would be to grab a ball of Drops kid-silk and add it to some homespun or something colourful and chunky and make a stole, scarf or triangle with it.  Costs under €10 and looks as if it came from Brown Thomas.  I have such a triangle on the needles at the moment and am deciding whether to add felted balls or tassels to each corner to add some weight and drape……  If you get the colours right they can look really stunning and unique

What has been your favorite handmade gift to receive and why?
Niki has given me some felted things recently and I love them.  She is always pushing the boundaries.

I’m sure we’re all having a yarn craving right about now so now you know where to go next time you’re in Dublin 8.

Look for more posts in our LYS series!

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