Indulge in Good Skin Care

This is my Holy Grail of beauty products and what keeps me looking about five to eight years younger than my chronological age:

• I cherish my Burt’s Bees Naturally Ageless Night Crème – 2.0 oz. (available from which I apply around my eyes and on my neck in the morning.

• I use L’Oreal Paris Solar Expertise Active Anti-Wrinkle & Brown Spot Matte Fluid Protection 20 SPF Medium 50ml with SPF for my face because it smells nice and it doesn’t leave my skin pasty white.

• I use Chapstick Lip Balm (available from and occasionally MAC lipstick (when I remember).

• I rarely wear make-up, but when I do I opt for a little Clinique concealer, available from and Waterproof mascara if I’ll be photographed in professional or florescent lighting.

• I battle dry/fluffy hair with a Boots Ingredients Honey & Jojoba intensive hair mask that comes in a jar and the corresponding spray for when it’s really unruly.

• When weather beats up my hands, I apply Bag Balm (available from at night or Mary Kay Satin Hands.

• Mary Kay’s Timewise is a nice facial microscrub which I use once a month or the night before I am having my photograph taken.

• At night I use Cindy Crawford’s Meaningful Beauty anti-aging night cream. Cindy Crawford gave me a scholarship in college (through Little Star), so I’m thrilled she has helped keep me look almost as young as I did then.

So wrong to pose with real #deer heads, but cardboard is cool, right?! #selfie

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