Frosted Oatmeal Cookies – IFBA Cookie Recipe Swap

This recipe is from my IFBA cookie recipe swap buddy Sharon who writes the fab blog, GunterNation. She sent me the recipe with an explanation of its origin:

I was home in Austin, TX in May. Since it was near Mother’s Day we decided to celebrate by having a party where everyone brought something to eat inspired by their mom. My friend Kim said her mom’s frosted oatmeal cookies were the obvious choice for her. These are the cookies she makes when she’s happy, or wants to cheer up someone who is sad. I loved them!

Want to see the recipe I sent to Sharon as part of this swap? Of course you do! Here’s the Gunternation postabout it. And here is Sharon’s recipe for Frosted Oatmeal Cookies on my food blog, Cooking Peas & Qs.





  1. Sharon says:

    I picked the oatmeal cookies because I thought they’d be less common in Ireland, but happy a fellow expat can enjoy them! Looks like they turned out great.

    I like that we both chose recipes that are special to a friend’s family. Shows how part the joy of traditions is sharing them!

    Be blessed this Christmas!

  2. Cindy (Claytonia) says:

    OK, now this is one heck of a Small World Moment(TM).

    Sharon of GunterNation was a childhood friend of mine. We attended school together in Texas from Kindergarten through the first part of high school; she and her family moved away then to Arkansas, and we lost touch after a bit. Happily, we’ve rediscovered each other the past few years via Facebook, and I’m able to follow her Irish adventures via GunterNation.

    She’s one of about three people I know who live in Ireland . . . four, if I count the expat who saved my beans when I ran out of pink yarn earlier this year. 😉 And here you two are, sending each other cookies. Ah, the miracle of the Interwebs.

    The oat cookies look divine, BTW. Maybe I do have one more round of baking left in me after the holiday rush . . .

    Cheers & happy new year,
    Cindy in TX

    • evinok says:

      Wow! What a small world indeed, Cindy. How cool that you know Sharon. How did your project with the Homespun turn out? I can’t believe it has been five months. So glad it worked out that the Cotton Candy yarn is in good hands (and on skilled needles).

      The Iced part of the Oatmeal Cookies takes the most time in the process, but is worth it. I am now hooked on making these and using maple icing. Nom nom nom.

      • Cindy (Claytonia) says:

        The Cotton Candy skein is still a skein, sad to say. I’ve been focusing on a couple of other baby blankets for friends–one of them a two-strand warm blankie (Homespun/Tweed Stripes) for a baby boy in chilly South Dakota. But I think it’s time to pick back up with the pink, finish that blanket, and get it into the hands of my cousin’s daughter before she’s old enough to knit it herself. 😉

        I’ll be sure to ping you when it’s done, and post pics on Ravelry for posterity.

        Speaking of babies, congrats a million on the arrival of your little one! I suspect he’s shaken things up quite a bit, while well and truly stealing your heart. Wonderful thing, motherhood–sleeplessness and all. Enjoy every moment!


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