School Gate Shawlette Knitting Pattern & ECIYC Back2School Campaign

Introducing the School Gate Shawlette. It was inspired by the ironwork openings and lattice textures of my son’s school gate. This pattern is being released as part of a fundraiser for Every Child Is Your Child Ireland’s Back2School GoFundMe. All proceeds from this pattern go to ECIYC. At the start of every month, I donate all proceeds to ECIYC via PayPal. This pattern is for sale on LoveCrafts and Ravelry.

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Red circle logo of parents holding infants

Every Child Is Your Child

Every Child is Your Child is a Limerick-based community group in its fourth year running. Their goal is to assist parents of school-going age children living in Direct Provision with back-to-school-related costs. Currently, there are over 2,000 children living in the Direct Provision system in Ireland. Direct Provision is intended to provide for the welfare of asylum seekers and their families as they await decisions on their international protection applications in Ireland. Around 40% have been waiting for more than five years.

Asylum seekers live on an allowance of €38.80 per week and €29.80 per child per week without any additional support from social welfare. There is a once-a-year back-to-school allowance, but it is not sufficient at all. It is a huge burden and challenge for parents, and for children, especially those of school-going age. This campaign is ECIYC’s only hope to provide 2,000 children living in Direct Provision with essential back-to-school supplies.

Every Child Is Your Child is not just the name of their group, but also what they represent. Let us show the children living in Direct Provision they are not forgotten, but instead that they are valued and deserving of the essential tools to pursue their education and to be children.


The Design

The School Gate Shawlette is a bottom-up crescent-shaped shawlette with two lace patterns. The body of shawl is comprised of columns of eyelets reaching up to the top edge which is a texture-rich lattice design. Increases are made along the edge.

The entire shawl is knit with one six-skein mini fade set, which has a total of 552yds/504m, 120g. You can create your own custom fade or mini skein sequence for your School Gate Shawlette. This would also be a beautiful shawl to knit the body with a single 100g skein, then knit the top edge with a contrasting 20g mini skein. The yardage was exactly perfect for this design.

School Gate Shawlette 0376School Gate Shawlette 0185

It is just the right size to fit under layers without adding bulk. The top edge bears a lattice-like stitch design.

The yarn fade also happens to match the colors in my central heterochromia eyes.

School Gate Shawlette 0240 School Gate Shawlette 0339

The Hand-dyed Yarn

The design came together last summer when I saw a stunning mini skein fade set dyed by Les Belles Lainages. Her luminous 4ply Merino Singles mini skeins were the perfect inspiration for this design. Each of the six 20g (92yds/84m, 100% Merino Wool) mini skein shifted slightly from speckled off-white to a rich rust and patina hues.

4113973743_123dd0e751_oA rusted teal gate against a white concrete wall.Yarns drying with deep green on the left then rusty colors then off-white.A rusted teal gate against a white concrete wall.

Yarns mini skeins with deep green on the left then rusty colors then off-white.

School Gate Shawlette 6595 School Gate Shawlette 6624

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